Woman in a World of Truckers - Amitruck Partner Testimonial

Read the amazing story of Pamela Akoth, a Woman in a world of truckers! Pamela shares her journey of being a Partner with Amitruck, Africa's Digital Logistics Marketplace.

How long have you been a partner with Amitruck and what piqued your interest in wanting to operate and manage a truck?

I have been with Amitruck for six months now. My journey in being a partner with Amitruck has been nothing but fulfilling. It’s come with tremendous learnings about the trucking business, especially being a woman in a male dominated space. I wanted to earn an extra income especially now during such unprecedented times. A consistent source of income that would be able to sustain me and my family. I went ahead to buy a truck and become a partner with Amitruck. This I believe will enable me to build a future for me and my kids. 

What are some of the challenges you face in this space as a woman and how have you addressed them?

It was not easy for me at the beginning operationally. I had to learn and understand the challenges that comes with managing my own truck and handling the operational challenges that come with it from the truck breaking down to dealing with fellow truckers who are men. Over time, it got easier and gave me the experience to relate with men not competitively, but collaboratively. 

How has Amitruck assisted and supported you as a female truck partner?

Amitruck really came in handy as I was starting out. It gave me a platform to service clients I would have otherwise not have serviced as an independent truck owner. Working with Amitruck has given me the opportunity to work with various clients and generate a good source of income. Working through Amitruck gives you trust among their clients. This is different had I done this alone. I am assured of income through the portfolio of clients they provide to me as a Partner. Not only have they provided me with clients through their platform, Amitruck has never failed to pay me on time for work done. This is quite different from any other platform. They are very transparent and I’m able to know what I am getting after work is done, giving me peace of mind. I have not experienced this with other platforms I have worked with before and that is among the many reasons I am still with Amitruck as a partner.

What has helped you stay ahead of the game?

I have come to understand the importance of building relationships with the clients I service which helps keep the client happy. This is a service industry. Ensuring great service delivery and customer satisfaction is very important. Going the extra mile for the clients I serve has indeed been a game changer. 

Become a Partner with Amitruck?

My advice to anyone whether male or female is that, don’t be afraid to start. Amitruck already provides a platform and clients. They walk with you, hold your hand and give you assurance of making a source of income through their clients. Amitruck is a life saver. I am definitely looking forward to better days with Amitruck. 

What are your activities aside from work?

I like to spend time with my family, I also like to exercise. Cooking too is something I like to do when I'm not working.

Can you tell a few words about your family?

I have a very closely knit family. A husband and two children. A son and a daughter. My husband believes in me and supports me in everything same values have been passed to our children. We are all thankful for each other. 

What inspires you the most in life?

I always love to do something new and different. There's always something going on in my life. I always like going out of my way to do something different to make a change and to be an inspiration and role model to those who are coming after me especially young girls. That they would look at me and get the conviction that hard work pays. I always believe the only person I'm ever waiting for in my life is myself. 

What would be your best advice for women?

Be true and honest to yourself. Believe in God and don't be afraid to start. Set attainable goals, build healthy relationships and don't be afraid to ask for help whenever you feel overwhelmed.

We are proud to be partnering with you Pamela!


Mar 23rd, 2021