Dream job at Amitruck: Operations Associates

Join one of the fastest growing and coolest startups in Africa as our new Operations Associate! (please apply on [email protected])


Driver (Partner) Management

  • Management of all Drivers
  • Driver recruitment and vetting.
  • Ensuring trucks adhere to the Amitruck inspection checklist.
  • Identifying, onboarding, and managing fleet partnerships.
  • Driver on-boarding and training.
  • Handling delivery emergency issues such as Pick up delays, Vehicle breakdowns or accidents.
  • Working closely with Customer care to ensure drivers get to pick up and drop off points on time.

Delivery Management

  • The Operations associate oversees delivery management. The associate ensures that goods are delivered to the consumer in a timely manner.
  • They must follow up with Drivers and truck owners to ensure that customers’ goods are collected and delivered safely and on time.
  • If the customer is unsatisfied with the delivery service the Operations associate receives the feedback, provides an incident report, resolves the matter, and puts measures to prevent reoccurrence.
  • The Operations Associate is responsible for monitoring the delivery process on the Amitruck platform. All deliveries MUST be accounted for on the Amitruck platform.

Key Accounts Management

  • Establishing and building excellent and professional relationships with Key account Customers.
  • Ensuring Driver availability as per the requirements of Key account Customers.
  • Reporting and resolving any delivery issues associated with Key accounts.
  • Ensuring orders for Key accounts are accurately registered on the Amitruck platform.
  • Creating, keeping, and submitting weekly and monthly reports on Operations of Key accounts.
  • Making regular visits to Key Account Customer premises to monitor truck arrivals and loading.
  • Ensuring Delivery notes are properly uploaded on the Driver App and returned to the Customers.
  • Making efforts to increase delivery volumes.

Operations Process Automation

The Operations Associate is responsible for making recommendation and following up on automation of Operations processes.


Organizational Abilities:

  • The Operations associate should be able to focus on different projects without getting distracted by the many processes.
  • The Operations associate should be able to plan, execute, and monitor each project to the end without losing focus.

Coordination and Communication: This is a very crucial aspect in the Amitruck Family.

  • The Operations Associate MUST ensure all team members are updated on all aspects of day-to-day Operations through the designated communication channels.
  • The Operations Associate should be able to coordinate with other departments seamlessly and professionally to ensure achievement of Amitruck’s goals.
  • The Operations associate should have good coordination by knowing how to integrate resources, activities, and time to ensure proper use of the resources toward the achievement of the organization’s goals.
  • Coordination involves carrying out specific activities simultaneously and switching between the activities with ease.

People skills:

  • The role of an Operations associate involves dealing with transporters and customers. This means that they must know how to relate with these stakeholders.
  • Amitruck prides itself in treating all our partners respectfully and professionally.
  • The Operations associate needs to show tolerance and understanding to other people.
  • The associate should be able to resolve conflicts and mediate disputes between Transporters and Customers.

Forecasting: The Operations Associate should be able to predict customer’s truck demands and put measures to ensure availability of enough registered and Amitruck compliant trucks on the platform.

Tech Oriented: The Operations Associate needs to have an affinity for technology to be able to help design processes that are both efficient and tech compliant.


  • 1+ years of experience in Operations or Sales at a growing business
  • Problem-solver: analytical mind that can navigate obstacles on the fly in a logical and rational way. Engage in precise, data and details about the business.
  • Bachelor’s degree in Economics, Mathematics, Operations Management, Commerce, Business, or related field.
  • Excellent, clear verbal and written communication skills - - English & Kiswahili.
  • Understanding startup speed and working environment.
  • You are a Hustler and have no problem getting your hands dirty and doing the gritty work that comes along with the higher-level thinking. You thrive in a fast-paced environment.

(please apply on [email protected])


Mar 21st, 2021