Amitruck Joins Google for Startups Black Founders Fund

September 18, 2023
5 min read

Exciting Milestone in 2021:

–- On the 6th of October 2021, Amitruck was thrilled to be selected as one of the 50 finalists in Africa's 50 startups for the prestigious Google for Startups Black Founders Fund in Africa. This recognition reaffirmed our dedication to addressing inefficiencies within the logistics sector on the continent. Founder and CEO, Mark Mwangi, expressed his enthusiasm for this achievement.

Google for Startups Black Founders Fund in Africa:

–- The Google for Startups Black Founders Fund in Africa invests $3 million to support startups across the continent. This initiative grants up to $100,000 in equity-free cash awards to each of the 50 selected startups in Africa. Additionally, the winners receive substantial benefits such as up to $220,000 in Google Ad Grants and Cloud credits, along with valuable mentorship, technical guidance, and scaling support from Google.

Challenges in the African Logistics Sector:

–- Transporting goods in Africa is five times more costly compared to developed countries, posing a significant economic burden. Amitruck aims to tackle this issue by reducing transportation expenses and enhancing logistics efficiency on the continent. However, the reality of the transportation landscape in Africa presents various challenges:

 –- Reliance on roads due to inadequate investment in air and rail infrastructure.

 –- Lack of automation leading to manual processes and difficulty in comparing pricing among transport providers.

 –- Exploitation by greedy middlemen who profit without providing substantial value.

 –- An informal and fragmented market that exposes customers' goods to losses during transit.

Google's Impactful Partnership:

–- Amitruck views Google as an invaluable partner uniquely positioned to provide capital and support. Google's involvement accelerates the development of innovative solutions to overcome the challenges faced in the transportation industry. By addressing these obstacles, Amitruck aims to create opportunities for other founders to succeed and generate a positive impact within their communities. Asante Google (Thank you, Google) for joining us on this journey.