Creating Trust and Reliability in Transport

This is how we’re working to build a more reliable transport industry in East Africa through an unwavering dedication and passion for service and transparency.
our story

Delivering On Time, Every Time

In the fast-paced world of logistics, where efficiency and precision reign supreme, Amitruck strives to create a more efficient and reliable transport industry to benefit all stakeholders. From humble beginnings to remarkable growth and growing impact, this is the story of the commitment, determination and relentless pursuit of excellence that underpins everything we do at Amitruck.

Mark Mwangi founded Amitruck

Recognising the need for a transparent, digitised logistics offering in East Africa, former investment banker Mark Mwangi trades managing €5bn in portfolios to found Amitruck in late 2018.

First Delivery Completed

The company completes its first delivery and grows the team grows to 10 people in the same year.

Thriving Through COVID

Despite facing Covid headwinds Amitruck grows by 230%, also securing its first investor.

Significant Growth and Funding

Amitruck experiences significant customer growth and raises $1M in a pre-seed round of funding.

Investors Show Confidence in Amitruck

The company raises $4.1M in a seed round of funding with recognised investors, including Better Tomorrow Ventures (BTV), Rackhouse and Dynamo Ventures – the early investor in Sennder, who went on to buy Uber Freight.

Amitruck Team Expands

Amitruck expands its team to 70+ employees and further grows its customer base.

our principles

What we stand for

The core of Amitruck is combining logistics expertise with unwavering commitment, an innovative mindset and a customer-centric approach that can pave the way for creating more reliable deliveries, on time, every time.


Jump on the grenade

We tackle problems head-on to help the team and our customers however we can.


Try harder, or die trying

We commit to tasks with unwavering dedication and strive for excellence in all we do.


Permission to fail while trying

Embracing innovation and learning from failure, we move fast to iterate and deliver on our promises.


Strong beliefs, weakly held

We act with conviction but when new data comes to light, we change course to achieve the best possible outcome.


Care personally, challenge directly

Caring about each other means being radically honest to help each other grow and develop.


Obey the Law

We prioritise long-term success by operating exclusively within the confines of the law.


Radical truth-telling

Transparency is our driving force. We speak truth to power to advance the interests of our business and customers.

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Join Our Team

We’re growing fast and always looking for dedicated people who want to make change happen. If you feel like you would be a great fit for our team, please send us your CV.

our teams

Our people drive our growth

Our dedicated team paves the way for your success, navigating the roads of logistics with expertise and genuine care. With a firm foothold in Kenya and East Africa, we strive to create reliability in transport with tailored solutions and a winning attitude.

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